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Our family was empowered by Kate’s love, care, kindness, wisdom and thoughtfulness during our postpartum season. She cared for us with her knowledge and experience but more than anything her genuine desire to serve us from a place of love. We are so grateful for the opportunity to connect with and have Kate part of our postpartum. To anyone considering connecting with Kate : It’ll be the greatest blessing for you to have Kate as part of your postpartum season.


Priya has been a pivotal ally and deeply cherished support in my motherhood journey. Her energy and information is grounded and compassionate. She inherently understands and honors the importance of support for mothers in pregnancy and beyond, and her work and service to her community reflects this very much. I cannot help but to recommend her to any woman who needs support in her childbearing years, as I know that no matter the circumstances, the experience will be held delicately and made better with Priya in it.

I'm ready for my sacred season!


The Sacred Season

βœ“ The 12 principles + 4 pillars of postpartum

βœ“ What IS the sacred season anyway?

βœ“ Global and ancestral traditions and perspectives of wholeness in postpartum

After this module, you'll have a foundation of preparedness that will leave you feeling relieved, relaxed, and inspired.

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The Birth of a Mother

βœ“ Rites of passage + daily rituals

βœ“ The role of intuition in motherhood

βœ“ The birth and death process of motherhood 

After this module, you'll have practices + rituals to consciously honor the transformational process you're stepping into in becoming a mama.


Postpartum Bodies

βœ“ There's no getting your body back (deconstructing cultural myths)

βœ“ The biological brilliance of postpartum bodies

βœ“ How to care for your new form and navigate the emotional landscapes

After this module you'll have a new respect and reverence for your changing form and learn to accept and (hopefully) fall in love with your postpartum body.

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The Nest

βœ“ What it is, why you need it, and how to create it

βœ“ How nature teaches us to create safe space for new life

βœ“ The invaluable practices of rest + receiving 

You'll leave this module knowing how to create a  nurturing space for you and your baby + how to practice asking and receiving.


The Bowl

βœ“ Ayurvedic principles + recipes to integrate healing foods into your life

βœ“ Water is life / Food is medicine

βœ“ How to stock your kitchen + prepare your caregivers  

You'll leave this module feeling confident about what to eat and drink to nourish your changing postpartum body. Plus, you'll have rich resources to hand your partner/caregiver!


Circles of Care

βœ“ Building your postpartum team: who to invite into this sacred time

βœ“ Spaceholding 101: a crash course for your partner or caregiver

βœ“ Gather your village: how a birth evolves your family, friendships, and larger community 

You can relax knowing you know who and how to ask for support during your vulnerable postpartum moments. You can rest easy knowing your partner /caregiver has what they need to support you too. 


Re-emerging into the World

βœ“ The new normal: healthy expectations and self care as the busyness of the world comes back into view 

βœ“ Soothing your nervous system outside your nest

βœ“ Facing changes in your relationship to self, work, body, sex, intimacy, and your new role as mother 

Feel held and soothed as you prepare to expand your nest into the wider world.

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Hey there,

we're  Kate and Priya


We’re two mamas on a mission to support other mothers and your families to feel supported + nourished in postpartum…and beyond. We’re also Ayurvedic doulas who’ve served hundreds of families in preconception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum. We’ve combined our skills and training in motherhood, holistic nutrition, birth and labor support, reproductive education and somatic work and massage to bring comprehensive, holistic resources to you, your family, and your postpartum care team.

Thank you for saying YES to nourishing the root of your life during your sacred season.


I'm ready to invest in myself!

Begin your journey into motherhood with a foundation of wellness, self love, healthy boundaries, and nourishment.

The Sacred Season Course includes: 

βœ“ printable "Craft Your Sacred Season" workbook 
βœ“ audio meditations 
βœ“ pre-recorded teaching + practice videos 
βœ“embodiment practices
βœ“ opening + closing ceremony
βœ“ recipes, kitchen stocking, and meal plans 
βœ“ comprehensive content for your caregiving team
βœ“ access to all course material as long as the course is living online

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100% Money Back Guarantee

If you work through Sacred Season and don't love the tools, practices and resources we share inside... 

We'll refund your money. No questions asked.

All you need to do is send us an email within 3 months of purchase and attach your completed workbook, and we'll give you back your investment, making this decision SUPER safe (and smart) today!

Try the ENTIRE THING risk free! If you don't absolutely love the Sacred Season we'll return your payment.

What do you have to lose?

We are incredibly lucky to have found and been guided by Priya as our birth and postpartum doula. Her breadth of expertise and care are unmatched and evident in how she is able to nurture and inform. 

Any time we reach out, she tends and validates our experience, and more importantly ignites the love we have in our new family of three!


The postpartum sessions with Kate were such a gift! This was our third baby and the first time I really understood the sacredness of the postpartum space. Kate held a beautiful container for whatever was coming up to be seen at the time. There was a richness and nourishment to each of our sessions that was truly special. My wish is that every mother have this kind of opportunity be held and cherished.


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